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In BREAKTHROUGH: A Memoir of Toxic Work, Mindfulness, and Inner Peace (Publication Date: November 26, 2022), Alves invites readers into her inner sanctum, taking us through the ups and downs of her journey from engineer to certified life coach. Along the way, readers meet key people in Alves’ life that – both through positive and negative experiences – pushed her towards her life’s calling – cultivating a life of meditation, intentionality, inner peace, and love and helping others do the same.

Blending memoir with Alves’ own insights as a certified life coach, BREAKTHROUGH offers a lifeline to those who are suffering from depression, burnout, and disconnection in the workplace. Incorporating revelations and actionable tips that she learned on her own journey, Alves shares how to cultivate inner peace and prioritize psychological safety while experiencing difficult and toxic work situations. BREAKTHROUGH also explores:

  • What happens when an engineer allows herself to experience the power of spirituality.
  • How letting go of the plan for her life set Alves on the road towards fulfillment.
  • How generating Positive Emotional Attractor bolstered her recovery from workplace-triggered depression and strengthened her relationship with her family, colleagues, and clients.
  • The power of interrogating negative thoughts and limiting belief systems.
  • How Project Dharma helped Alves combat negative thoughts, even while living a stress-filled life, and much more.

BREAKTHROUGH also includes tools, a key one being a log for tracking your mental health at work and a variety of practices that Alves uses to maintain her peace and joy in any circumstance.    BREAKTHROUGH demonstrates what can happen when we push past our limiting beliefs, fears, and negative emotions. We can find a life of freedom, joy, and abundant love on the other side.

COMING SOON — A list of resources from the book!