Personal Success Coaching

Do you ever feel like you’re not spending time on the things that matter most? Do you ever feel like there should be an easier way to accomplish your goals while not sacrificing joy and ease?

I know I certainly have.

For many years I often felt my values were compromised by workplace demands and practices. I shortchanged my family, and I sacrificed self-care. For many years, I wanted life to be filled with more joy and I kept searching for a better way.

So the question becomes: What can a high-performing, high-achieving leader do to thrive and not trade off their overall mental health and well-being for success?

A coach is someone who can work with you to achieve a specific goal faster than if you were on your own by bringing accountability, new ideas, and experience to the table.

Through coaching services that are results-oriented, I can help you with the following:

(1) become aware of psychological safety factors and their impact on well-being;
(2) take effective action with skills of mindfulness, self-compassion, and cognitive techniques without having to change jobs or managers;
(3) find alignment with inner values, so you feel integrity.

In my experience, doing these three things leads to clarity, empowerment, and reduced stress in our body, mind, and spirit. Once we find our integrity, it spreads to all parts of our lives — not just work. Inner peace grows, and stress diminishes.

One way to get started is to have a conversation. Let’s set up a free consultation to get the conversation started here.

To get started:

We’ll set up an initial complimentary session to discover your goals and how coaching can help. I’ll provide a coaching agreement outlining objectives, services, confidentiality, and costs. Coaching is virtual by phone or video conference and can be single sessions or a custom package that happens at your pace.

What you can expect:

You will gain skills and learn techniques to create peace, balance, truth, and integrity in your life. The core tools I will teach you are using your body as a source of wisdom and inquiry methods based on CBT that reframe thinking. You will learn how to overcome stress faster and grow joy and compassion from within.

Create the space for deep listening and powerful questions…

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Sunita Alves Coaching
Forming – what is your mind creating?
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Sunita Alves Coaching
Storming – where does it feel like change is needed?
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Sunita Alves Coaching
Transforming – how can you grow your deepest intentions?
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